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A Maywood, Illinois man identified as Alton L. Hayes III beat up a white boy citing the Trayvon Martin case.

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According to Fox News, Alton and a 15-year old whose name remains unidentified, committed the act early Tuesday.

Cook County State’s Attorney’s office spokeswoman Tandra Martin said that police reports indicate that after an arrest was made, Alton said he committed the act because he was “so upset” over the Trayvon Martin case.

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As reported by Fox News:

Hayes and a 15-year-old Chicago boy walked up behind the 19-year-old man victim and pinned his arms to his side, police said. Hayes, 18, then picked up a large tree branch, pointed it at the man and said, “Empty your pockets, white boy.”

The two allegedly rifled through the victim’s pockets, then threw him to the ground and punched him “numerous times” in the head and back before running away, police said. Hayes and the boy are black; the victim is white.

This type of hate is certainly unacceptable and not condoned by the Trayvon Martin movement. We hope that the two young men receive justice.

Photo Source: Fox News

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