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What’s up WORLD?!?

My name is Greg Montgomery, but all of my friends call me G-Rok!  Although you’ve probably never heard of me, I’m here to speak on behalf of my generation and the leaders of our future. I’m twelve years old, an aspiring hip-hop star, and have one very important goal in mind – – to bring environmental awareness to all of you on Earth Day.

I’ve been chosen by a team of super heroes that go by the name of The Greenotronics. Recyclops, their commander in chief, has chosen me as the Earth’s team captain to lead our youth on one mission only – -to change the world.
Did you know there’s a super-duper, mega-slimy gang of trash-spreaders called the Pollunotrex? They are hell-bent on destroying planet Earth. Their leader, the evil Smogorex, will stop at nothing till our planet is covered in smog and sludge.
And even though I’m not old enough to VOTE, I am conscious on the state of our environment and the impact we can create together and virally to help save it.

Today, on Earth Day, I ask all of you to vote for me, G-ROK, as I announce my candidacy for president of the United States of America.

Together we can make our difference!

My name is G-Rok and I approve this message.

If you want to help G-Rok and Recyclops make a difference, enter your name and email and tell us what you are doing in your city to help our planet.  Let’s get to saving the world!

P.S. You can start by recycling in your home and in your community. Every little bit counts!

To learn more about G-Rok go to VoteForGRok.com!



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