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UPDATE: 3:00pm EST

Michael Bullerdick, the Managing Editor of Essence, has “accepted a position in another division” after racist and extreme right wing posts on his Facebook page were leaked.


Essence Magazine’s Managing Editor, Michael Bullerdick, who was hired only last summer, was fired for what he posted on his Facebook depicting civil rights leader Al Sharpton as a “Race Pimp.” 

EXCLUSIVE:  Hate Rises To The Top When It Comes To Barack!

Bullerdick, who is white, was busted after someone sent a screenshot of his page to the editor. On the page, Bullerdick attacked civil rights leader Al Sharpton as a “Race Pimp,” went after President Barack Obama as a radical, and touted videos of the late Andrew Breitbart attacking Attorney General Eric Holder. 

According to the ThyBlackMan.com, the commentary wasn’t just a matter of simple disagreement on policy, instead it was an attack filled with racial hatred that you would expect from the extreme Right Wingers of the Republican Party.

Considering Essence mag is a predominantly African American publication, Bullerdick’s comments are surprisingly and deeply disappointing. 

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