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Avengers star Scarlett Johansson has been showing off some new wrist ink as she does her press rounds for the movie, but there was an bit of mystery surrounding exactly what her new permanent jewelry symbolized. 

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The ink mystery is finally solved, and we have also learned that ScarJo puts on for her city.

According to the actress, the wrap around wrist tattoo pays homage to her hometown of New York City. 

The new tattoo says the words “I [heart] NY” on a rosary-bead inspired design that encircles her wrist.

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Scarlett was born and bred in the Big Apple and currently resides in the concrete jungle. 

This is the third tattoo (that we know of) from the Avengers star. The other two include a sunset on her left arm and a circle design above her ankle.

Check out the gallery of Scarlett’s tattoos above!