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Common is one of the wisest and most knowledgeable voices in hip-hop today.

That’s why we’ve been waiting to hear his views on the troubling Trayvon Martin case that has been taking the country by storm over the last couple of months.

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We’ve seen Common rock a hoodie in honor of Trayvon, but we have not yet heard him talk about the case.

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Luckily, we caught up with the Chicago-based rapper at Western Union’s Thanks A Thousand Campaign event to launch a $1,000 a day give-a-way until June 17th.

Never one to hold his tongue, Common dropped some inspirational and insightful words about the case:

“We can’t allow people in the country to feel like you just, by your own judgment, want to kill someone, because you feel threatened. There’s no threat being shown. “

Check out the video to see Common’s complete views on the case.