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There’s no question about it: President Barack Obama knows his hip-hop.

Even though Obama has said that rap music nowadays perpetuates misogyny and degradation that he doesn’t want his daughters or children in general exposed to, the Commander-In-Chief can’t help being a fan of a select few that touch the mic. He has given mention to the likes of Lil WayneNas, Jay-Z, and most recently, Young Jeezy.

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Saturday night at the annual White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner in Washington, the Snowman was blessed with a shout out.

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Since Obama’s 2012 Presidential re-election campaign is officially underway, it’s only right that GlobalGrind comes up with a list of rap songs that should be on the First iPod.

Nas, Wayne, Jeezy, and Hov definitely make the cut, but there are some other rappers who could possibly receive a future shout out from the Prez too.

Check out Barack Obama’s 2012 Presidential Campaign Hip-Hop playlist! 

Young Jeezy & Nas “My President” 

Wyclef Jean “If I Were President” 

Tupac “Letter 2 The President”

Lil Wayne “President Carter”

Lil Wayne & Juelz Santana “Black Republicans”

Jay-Z “Politics As Usual”

Eminem “Mosh” 

The Game “That’s President”

Rick Ross “White House”

Nas “If I Rule The World” “Yes We Can” 

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