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Well, well, well!

NEW VIDEO: Drake & Rihanna “Take Care”

Drizzy Drake is working his rap magic on former supermodel Tyra Banks!

Drake and Tyra Banks were spotted at Disneyland hanging out and flirting with each other while bouncing between rollercoasters and kiddie rides. 

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Without much success, the 25-year-old Take Care rapper and the 38-year-old America’s Next Top Model creator tried to keep their cute date on the down low with disguises and hats. 

Drake even went as far as to put a fake mustache on while riding the rollercoaster with Tyra. Too bad it didn’t work. 

Drake has said he loves older women, but he’s taking his love to the next level with a cougar like Tyra. 

Check out Drake and Tyra in the gallery above!