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That Young Money crew sure knows how to put in work. YM member Jae Millz recently revealed in an interview with AllHipHop that Lil Wayne did finish the Carter 4 album before he went to jail.

‘Yeah there’s definitely going to be a tour soon,’ Millz said in an interview. ‘As soon as Wayne gets home, Tha Carter IV is dropping. It’s already finished; he finished it before he went in so as soon as he gets out he’s dropping that and we hitting the road. It’s no name for it yet or whatever but it’s definitely going to happen. By then too Nicki Minaj will be out, Drake will be out, whoever’s up next album should be getting ready to come out and we should all have our singles out so everything gonna really be moving by then. I really can’t wait for that.’

What’s your opinion on Young Money while Wayne’s away? Are they holding things down? Are you ready for the Carter 4? Share your thoughts!

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