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As one of Hollywood’s most stylish expectant moms, Kristin Cavallari is certainly enjoying her pregnancy. 

The 24-year-old was seen roaming around Beverly Hills in a short white dress, heading to lunch and flashing her adorable smile at the paparazzi.

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The former Hills star may have been reminiscing about the wonderful baby shower she had just a day before with 30 of her closest friends.

Kristin tweeted after the event: “Had a great day at my baby shower! Thanks FIJI water and Le Bebe Coo!”

Even though it looks as if she’s having a blast being out on the town, Kristin is heading home to her NFL beau Jay Cutler and her puppies very soon.

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Yesterday she tweeted: “My last day in LA before I get home to my babies…I miss them :(“

Check out the photos of Kristin in Beverly Hills above!