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Keeping with the tradition of the franchise, Men In Black 3 is out of this world. The aliens are creepier, the storyline is awesome and Josh Brolin nails a young Agent K.

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Will Smith dust off his character, Agent J for the latest installment of MIB. The movie starts off with the sexy Nicole Scherzinger walking into a space prison to give her boyfriend Boris some cake. Not that type of cake, but a real cake.  

Just like that, we are introduced to Boris the Animal wrapped in chains. 

After a quick exit from a maximum security jail on the moon, old Agent K played by Tommy Lee Jones soon realizes Boris is after him and lets Agent J know there are things he doesn’t need to know. 

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After a few events take place, Agent J is forced to go back in time to save his partner and ultimately the world. 
Men In Black is filled with the same humor we’ve grown to love over the years. While there are some dry attempts at jokes, the excellent detail of the aliens and throwback technology makes this movie fun for the whole family with an ending that will have you reaching for some Kleenex. Plain and simple, Will Smith has done it again. 

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