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The summer is here, and it’s heating up in the streets…and I ain’t even talking about the temp. Last week it was Pusha T giving us his “Exodus 23:1,” a proverbial disrespectful three-minute diss aimed at certain members in the YMCMB camp. Well fans, this week it was Lil Wayne’s turn to defend his team and get downright “Ghoulish.” Over an old-school drum loop, courtesy of Swizz Beatz, Weezy gives Pusha a quick one minute, thirty second lyrical slap almost similar to the backhand Will Smith gave that nasty male reporter. However this beef got started, as long as it stays musical and musically interesting, let the beef broil hotter than Texas Brisket. I appoint wonder what could happen on that Hot97 Summer Jam stage this Sunday…


Chris Brown has flooded the blogosphere with tons of music since the top of the year. Most of it, as cool as it has been, has been his love for hip-hop and his experiment with being a hip-hop artist. Let us not forget, he did have his pop smashes, like “Turn Up The Music” as well. But, alas, he comes home with that smooth R&B that is guaranteed to scorch the hot summer nights and any ladies’ eardrums that hears it. Now looking at the title, “Off That Liquor,” before you play it, seems like it won’t be anything different from what you’re hearing in every other R&B song. But after one listen you know that young Breezy has penned another hot Jeezy to add to his already enormous catalogue of hits.


Great hip-hop artists have poetry skills that rival the likes of a Walt Wittman, Dr. Maya Angelou, Paul Dunbar or Nikki Giovanni. Artist like Slick Rick, Ghostface and Andre 3000 have mastered the art of poetry and story telling. Childish Gambino is the latest rap edition to be added to this great list of lyrical legends. Simply put, the boy is just amazing with words and a mic in hand. Check out his latest track “Black Faces,” which features LA’s own Nipsey Hu$$le. Even though you won’t hear this on the radio or in the club, this is a another great record from the Great Gambino that you need to check.


Congrats early to Freddie Gibbs. He’s been at it for a while but I think he has a song that will connect with fans in this new song, “Pull Up.” Gibbs is the most slept on artist from the Midwest, especially with the recent re-explosion of Chi Town hip-hop. But the Gary Indy legend has just been waiting his turn. “Pull Up” features T.I. and of course CTE CEO Young Jeezy, who is on the hook. Shout out to Lil’ C on the beat.


The smoothest Vanilla flavored playboy with heart of soul is none other than the multi talented Robin Thicke. Thicke continues to charismatically pimp his way through the R&B game with incredibly dope music, a super sexy wife and the swag to match.  His new record “On Top of The World” is a celebration song for ladies and will undoubtedly be one of the standout records from his upcoming release.

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