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Hot 97’s Summer Jam 2012 kicked off yesterday, and the Young Money versus Hot 97 debacle aside, it was a show that went down in the history books. So of course the attendees wanted their outfits to go down in history as well. 

PHOTOS: The “BEST” Dressed People At Hot 97 Summer Jam

GlobalGrind’s very own BlogXilla was on the scene, in the belly of the beast, also known as the parking lot of Hot 97’s Summer Jam, scouting the best, the worst, and the most absolute ratchet fashions that hit up the concert. 

From colored weaves to hot spring fashions and musical artist look-a-likes, there was a little something for everyone in the Summer Jam parking lot. 

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Check out the exclusive video above featuring the hilarious BlogXilla scouting the best and the worst of summer fashions at Summer Jam.

No concertgoers were harmed in the making of this video!