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While we’re used to hearing the sweet and smooth sounds of Ne-Yo’s voice on our radios and listening to his songwriting lyrics through other artists we love, it’s not often we get to see other sides of him.

VIDEO: Calvin Harris & Ne-Yo “Let’s Go”

Not too many people know that when he’s not in the studio or on tour, the 32-year-old singer is a father to his daughter named Madilyn Grace and his son named Mason Evan.

Ne-Yo was recently featured in PEOPLE Magazine with his beautiful kids, and he talked about his experience being a father.

He said of his daughter:

“Madi’s a little rough and tumble with me because she was my first kid, so all of the little boy things I wanted to do, I did with her. She and I wrestle, and she loves it.

He talks about his she loves to kiss her baby brother, who Ne-Yo thinks is “the most mellow baby on the planet.” 

MUSIC: Ne-Yo “Lazy Love”

Apparently, Madilyn has a great sense of style like her daddy too!

“She loves clothes. You’ll put three dresses in front of her and she’ll pick her favorite, and normally it’s the flyest one. I’m thinking she gets that from me. Yeah! Daddy’s fashion sense.”

While Ne-Yo might be so sick of love songs, it doesn’t seem like he’ll ever get sick of loving his kids!

SOURCE: People