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Uncle Rush has embarked on a journey overseas and has touched down in the Holy Land. Just arriving in Israel, ths boss man tweeted a few choice pics from his trip thus far after a Father’s Day voyage up above.

So, A Rabbi & A Hip-Hop Mogul Go To Israel… By Russell Simmons

The Hip Hop legend is taking the trip in order to promote Muslim and Jewish Reconciliation. His leadership in The Foundation for Ethnic Understanding (FFEU) has provided groundbreaking steps in improving the relationship between these two groups.

The Beef Is Buried by Russell Simmons

During his first day there Russell took in the local culture, visiting the marketplace and sightseeing. And, while there, he just so happened to bump into supermodel Teresa Lourenco, which we’re sure he was very happy about.

Check out a few pictures of the trip so far. The boss man is making history!

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