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I like to consider myself a talented person. I can paint, put together furniture from Ikea, draw, cook, recite a joke, and rationalize the most irrational of things. That’s my talent. 

But I felt talentless when Joseline from Love and Hip-Hop: Atlanta got bombarded with tweets questioning if she was born a man, and she replied by tweeting a naked picture of herself to prove she was actually a woman. I looked at the pictures for a while and I absolutely couldn’t rationalize her actions. 

A television star tweeted a naked picture of herself for the world to see. Don’t get me wrong, I love looking at boobies and lady lips, but that didn’t make any sense to me.

Television has been a place where little boys find their first crush. I had plenty. I fell in love with Kim Fields as Tootie during Facts of Life reruns. I also had a thing for Denise when The Cosby Show was dominating my Thursday nights. Throughout the history of television, the boob tube has given boys their crushes and female role models; they hope to find a real life woman who could match up to their idealized lady love. 

PHOTO: Joseline Tweets Her Naked Body To Prove She’s A Woman

But with reality TV today, we are getting introduced to a new type of women who don’t give a damn. They won’t stop at any limit to show off their curves via Twitter and other public forms. Wanna see the cooch? Twitpic it. Wanna drool on her cleavage? Instagram it. 

DETAILS: Joseline Goes In On Stevie J’s Baby Mama

It’s like their ratchet ways are a new mating call for professional athletes, musicians and television programming execs, all willing to cut big checks for the woman with the least fucks to give. 

It’s time to stop! For the past few years, the mainstream media has waged war on the good woman – the woman who doesn’t expose her lady parts for the world to see. A war on women with a college education, a war on the women who still want to be Claire Huxtable, and not Joseline Hernandez. 

At the end of the day, there is a place for every type of female. The ones who aren’t afraid to show their sexy, and the ones who are a lot subtler with their sexiness. Either way, it’s time for us to display a little more class in the things we do. There were better ways for Joseline to prove she’s a woman. I think it would have been best for her to ignore the haters, but hey! I’m not mad at her, I just want her to be better.

But as a wise man once said to me, “You can’t be friends with a stripper and expect them to do better.”

God, I hope that is not true. Better or bust. 

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