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A lot of you are going to read this and say, “This guy is bugging.” Well I would like you to know, I don’t care. It’s time we all speak out against what we think is wrong, regardless of the potential reactions from the people in our public and private lives. We all need to do our part to make sure that we are uplifting each other.

So when we see someone like Joseline on Love And Hip-Hop, we should focus on how she should be doing instead of focusing on what she is doing.

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Now I don’t know anything about Joseline, only the snippets I see on TV, so with that being said, attacking her on her flaws will do nothing but further hinder her from being the best person that she could be, especially if she’s being attacked on her physical appearance. 

There has been a bunch of talk about her being a transsexual due to her plastic surgery and muscular build. The woman vehemently denied the allegations and that should’ve been the end of conversation.

Belittling her further with such disrespectful accusations will do nothing to make her a better person, and does nothing to make you better, so why should you stoop to that level? That makes you nothing more than a bully, which leads the person you are critiquing to do something drastic like this…

Even if she was a transsexual, that should be the last thing we concern ourselves with. How a person feels about their gender is their business and we have no right to judge them for how they feel about themselves. Unless they are pursuing a relationship with you, it’s simply none of your business.

Whatever causes someone to make a drastic change such as that, it is deeply embedded in their psyche. It’s something they feel is truly apart of them. Acting like something is wrong with them causes them to feel like they’re less than human.

This type of bullying is leading to a large portion of them fearing to be who they truly are. Those of us who are hiding behind a façade have absolutely no right to tell anyone that they can’t because they are doing something you wish you could do. Those of us who are being real with everybody shouldn’t tell anyone to act like someone they’re not, because that would make you hypocrite.

Those of you like Joceline who are being asked to conform to what the world want you to be remember you were born an original, so why would you want to die a copy? Those who criticize you are most likely deflecting their personal insecurities on you because you stand out from the crowd. Embrace that. Be different and love yourself for it.

That doesn’t mean don’t grow. Take constructive criticism and use it to make yourself a better person. Give the world the same. What you put into the world comes back to you. If you stay real, the world will stay real with you. If they have a problem with you let them, don’t feed off of their energy. Keep your head up and show them that you are bigger than the hate they give you. Let them know you are so much more than that.

 –Garvey Ashhurst Follow Me On Twitter

Garvey Ashhurst is a young up and coming poet, songwriter, and blogger. He is the reason that the system is afraid of a black man in a library. His aim is not to be Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, or Ghandi, but he hopes to make them proud by keeping their ideals alive through his lifestyle. He hopes that one day young brothers will one day say I want to be the next him.

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