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I’m Back! And so is the summer heat wave. No I’m not even Wade or LeBron. This week, whether you were at the beach or in the club, the constant blast of fresh heat was in the air. Just in time for the world champion NBA team based in South Florida, Flo Rida drops a gem in the song “Let It Roll (Part 2).” I’m speaking about the pt.2 version that features Lil Wayne. This is vintage pop-Rida music complete with the inspiring themed hook and the hot club bounce track to match. Of course with Weezy on it, the song almost becomes a hit record before its first play. Stay tuned.


What has gotten into Nas lately? He has been blessing fans with dope music since March. First it was the NYC inspired “The Don.” Next it was a fatherly introspective birthday song for his daughter, Destiny, titled “Daughters.” But this one, “Accidental Murderers” featuring Rick Ross, is one of those records that reminds us why Nas is so relevant. The message in “Accident Murderer” is a message in a bottle of sorts to those who fake-jax regarding tragedy that isn’t funny. It’s also a note to those like George Zimmerman that the world sees who you really are.


Wiz Khalifa and 50 Cent together in a pic contains more ink than a college campus worth of ballpoint pens. Together on the same track it’s more smoke than Damian Marley in a forest fire. Shouts to producer Harry Fraud. He has been everywhere and on everything including this week’s new Wiz Khalifa track, “Telescope.” The real standout nugget on this new gem is the 16-bar blast by 50 Cent. It’s not like 50’s been away but for some reason he brought that raw sour diesel flow on this song. Wiz of course is his normal The-Wizard-of-Rhyme with his witty punch lines.


Asher Roth has a voice and style that brings the most out of any track he presides over. Need proof? Peep this new laid-back summertime BANGER “Good Morning View.” Asher’s vivid wordplay in the first 6-bars will have you hungrier than 9 AM. Also, let us tip our hat to producer David Appleton for a nice loop on a classic sample. As an MC, Asher Roth is so slept on, but make no mistake, this kid keeps making incredible joints that are must hear music indeed!


Grand Hustle teams up with We The Best Music on this next one, as another international artist from T.I.’s camp, Chip, gets with Mavado on “More Money More Gyal.” More Fiyah More Fiyah! All my Caribbean fam understand me!. If you’re a fan of dancehall music expect to hear this new heater rotating at a club near you. This is a great first record for Chip, at least in the mainstream, and it’s blessed by one of Dancehall’s finest artist in Mavado.

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