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Happy Tuesday Everyone! It’s that time of week again. It’s time to talk about all of the cool things you can do for $10. This week we will be focusing on the adventures you can go on in Myrtle Beach.

Hit the NASCAR Speed Park:

The NASCAR Speed Park located across from Broadway at the Beach features seven tracks dedicated to nothing but racing. The park also contains a miniature golf course, speedboat bumpers and a kiddie course. What makes this park even better is the fact that you it costs less than $10 to ride the rides! If you’re in Myrtle Beach, it’s the perfect way to spend your summer afternoon.


Visit Broadway at the Beach:

This cool boardwalk contains tons of restaurants, theme parks and adventures you can go on! Feed the infamous oversized catfish with your $10 bucks or stop by a local vendor and get a pair of cool shades. Broadway at the Beach is a cool way to spend any summer day.


Bring your lunch to work!

Seriously, bring your lunch to work. It saves you up to $20 a week and if you’re located in New York City almost $50. It’s simple, cook the night before and leave enough for the following day.