After filing for divorce last week, Katie Holmes has also acquired a new beefed up security detail. Her two former bodyguards were once the primary security detail for her soon to be ex-husband Tom Cruise and apparently they are no longer suitable for Ms. Holmes. 

Say What?! Katie Holmes Is Being Followed By Scientology Church 

According to TMZ, Katie Holmes was last seen with her former bodyguards last Tuesday. Apparently they were let go because of their supposed allegiance to Tom. The guards worked for Tom a number of years before Katie even came into the picture. Whether or not they were members of the Church of Scientology still remains unclear.  

The Battle Is On: Tom Cruise To File For Divorce In California

What is known however, is that Katie, who once had a two-man detail, now employees six bodyguards. Could the rumors be true about the Scientology Church following her? 

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