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The pop culture world was shocked when it was reported that Katie Holmes had sent divorce papers to her husband of six years, Tom Cruise.

DETAILS: he Battle Is On: Tom Cruise To File Divorce In California 

OK, actually, no one was really that shocked. For years we’ve looked at their relationship and saw something wrong. Whether it was from Tom’s controlling ways (reportedly) or the shackles Cruise’s religion, Scientology, put on Kate, we saw this split coming from a mile away.

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Still, we have a bunch of questions, mainly for Tom. Here are the 10 things we would ask Tom Cruise if we got to sit down and chop it up with the actor himself!


So what’s up with this camp?

Reports are that Katie ended your relationship because you wanted to send your daughter, Suri, to some hardcore, super-serious, militant Scientology camp. If this is true, why are you acting like that, Tom? Maybe Suri just wants to play in the park?


What’s up with the number 33? 

OK, this is just getting weird. You ended your marriage with Mimi Rogers back in 1990 when she was 33. Years later, your marriage with Nicole Kidman ended in 2001, and she was 33. Now your marriage with Katie Holmes is a wrap and she’s 33. This is too strange, Tom.


Were you really trying to c*ck block Katie’s career?

Like really, Tom. Since ya’ll got married in 2006, Katie has only been in six movies. What’s up with that? Was that your doing?


Were you really “blindsided” by all of this?

Reports are that Katie has been considering divorce for at least six months. Add that to the fact that whenever we saw ya’ll together she looked unhappy. How surprised were you really, Tom? 


When did you fall in love with Katie? Was it Dawson’s Creek?

We mean, we always thought the two of you were kind of random. 


Did you ever cop Oprah a new couch?

Because you completely ruined her previous one when you pronounced your love for Katie back in 2005.  


What do you do when you have a headache? 

We know modern medicine is frowned upon with your religion: but, damn, you can’t even take an Advil? 


What is it with you and tall women?

Here is a suggestion, maybe you should try to date women shorter than you? Maybe then things will last!


Are you going to confront Rupert Murdoch about his comments?

Fox News’ leader Tweeted this out the other day: “Scientology back in news. Very weird cult, but big, big money involved with Tom Cruise either number two or three in hierarchy (sic).” Murdoch later wrote this: “Watch Katie Holmes and Scientology story develop. Something creepy, maybe even evil, about these people.” That’s straight ether there, Tom. 


Should Katie be fearing for her safety? 

We reported earlier today that Katie has hired a new security detail. This seems a tad extreme. Is this necessary, Tom?