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New jacks out there, be warned. The O.G.s are coming for your spot!

INTERVIEW: Tyrese Reveals Why He Reloaded His Album ‘Open Invitation’

One of the biggest stories of the BET Awards last night was the appearance of R&B legends Tyrese, Ginuwine and Tank. And why were they there together? To announce that the supergroup they’ve been talking about for years, TGT, which stands for Tyrese, Ginuwine and Tank, will be coming to fruition. 

Yes, that’s right, ladies: TGT is really happening!

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The three superstars, who were all wearing matching white suits, announced that they were forming together again. Tyrese seemed particularly excited: 

Tyrese wasn’t the only one who seemed super excited. Ginuwine threw in his two cents about the group as well:

TGT first was talked about and even kind of formed back in 2007. The group toured together, but they never put out an album. It looks like we can actually expect to hear new music from the gang now!