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Following in the footsteps of Julia Bluhm, who successfully protested against the use of photoshopped images in Seventeen Magazine, the group SPARK Summit has set its sights on doing the same for the highly popular young women’s magazine Teen Vogue.

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Carina Cruz and Emma Stydahar, two bloggers for SPARK Summit, have created a petition entitled “Teen Vogue: Give Us Images of Real Girls!”

The two bloggers, who are obvious readers of the magazine, explain their sentiments in a statement saying:

“Teen girl-targeting magazines bombard young women with images that have been distorted and digitally altered with programs including Photoshop. These photoshopped images are extremely dangerous to girls like us who read them, because they keep telling us: you are not skinny enough, pretty enough, or perfect enough. Well neither are the girls in the pictures!”

The petition already has about 15,000 signatures, but Teen Vogue has yet to respond.

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Hopefully, the two young bloggers will get a cooperative response from the magazine soon, as studies show that images in the media are a major contribution to the self-esteem issues of young girls.

If you agree with Cruz and Stydahar’s stance against photoshopped images, sign their petition over at

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