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Everyone, for obvious reasons, gives all the attention to Zooey Deschanel. She is the New Girl after all. But what about the other guys that live in the apartment on the hit Fox sitcom?

Well, Glamour magazine hasn’t forgotten about them! At least not about Max Greenfield, who plays the body conscious, borderline OCD Schmidt on the hit series. 

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For the August 2012 issue of the magazine, Max and a gorgeous brunette model are colorblocking their way into our fashion hearts, with a spread that features the two wearing the exact same colors in each picture.  Although the colors change with each picture, they are all wonderfully done so that it looks a lot more fashiony than matchy-matchy.

The two are wearing clothing and accessories from brands ranging from Marni and Margiela, to DSquared and Diane Von Furstenburg.

In the accompanying article, Max discusses mostly what he likes to see in women’s style, but also goes into more personal topics, like dating and his career. 

On putting your best “shoe” forward:

“If you’re going to buy really expensive shoes, don’t get something classic. Have fun. Go on—make some color choices.”

On flattering your body with the right clothing:

“Rag & Bone makes a women’s blazer that fits like a gem. My wife has a couple, and, man, she should wear ’em every day.”

On bringing your A-game to every date:

“A guy wants a lady to show up looking like she made an effort, because he’s spent at least an hour in the bathroom with products and the outfit.”

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Check out the full host of pictures from the August 2012 issue of Glamour featuring Max Greenfield, as well as a full style breakdown of what he and the model are wearing in the gallery above!

SOURCE: Glamour