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We have all seen time-lapse videos, and whether the lapse took place over a few hours or a few days, the one thing they all have in common is the condensation of a large amount of time into a short video. 

Well, how would it look if a man’s entire life got condensed into a 6-minute video? Creative team RAMON & PEDRO did just that in their latest project Le Miroir.

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Watching yourself grow older day by day is something that we can all identify with, and the morning routine of brushing your teeth and washing your face is hopefully something that we all do every day. For these two reasons, Le Miroir hits close to home for just about everyone who watches the video.

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Le Miroir follows one man throughout his life, and while looking in the mirror we get a sense of maturation, love, loss, gain and even actually living life. We only get to see this man’s life though his bathroom mirror and we still get an authentic sense of the ups and downs that he has had to go through.

The video begins early in the life of the video’s main character and doesn’t end until he has become an old man. Check out what we mean by watching Le Miroir by RAMON & PEDRO in the video above.