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Apple keeps finding new and exciting ways to make you spend more money. This time around, it’s not even on Apple products per-se … the additional money will have to go towards powering and charging your new Apple products.

We know what a lot of you are thinking: “I have a bunch of USB cables for my Apple products.” But that’s just it! The upcoming addition to the Apple family, the iPhone 5, will no longer be utilizing the same charging socket that we have all become so used to.

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The updated charger socket will use a 19-pin connector instead of 30-pin. Subsequently, all loyal Apple users who have bought peripherals, such as speaker docks to go with your current iPhone, will no longer have use for them.

The new port looks similar to micro USB, the standard supported by all other phone manufacturers – however it is very unlikely that Apple will support this standard, despite moves by the EU to get all phone companies to rally around one type of cable.

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The sad part is that it probably doesn’t improve on the charging or connection of the phone at all. The new cord is just another way for Apple to change the game and for you to pay for it. Hopefully someone invents an adapter soon, because there are a lot of people who will be very upset that they spent so much money on products that will no longer be compatible with all of their other Apple products.

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