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Attention all mobile game lovers!

There’s a new addictive game on the market called “Trippy and Me” that is sure to give Angry Birds, Temple Run and Words With Friends a run for their money.

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Founded by Joe Jay World, a company started in 2011 that consists of two brothers and their best friends, “Trippy and Me” is an interactive 3-D mobile game that can be downloaded on the iPhone, iPad, iTouch and Android.

The game centers on a pigeon named Trippy trying to maneuver around a big city. You as the player have the opportunity to collect gold coins as you control Trippy’s direction while he flies around skyscrapers, tunnels, sharp corners, street signs and other road fixtures that you find in any high-paced city.

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While the game is not free, it will only set you back by $0.99 and it seems to be well worth the cost when trying to kill free time. The only downside is you pray you don’t get addicted.

Check the gallery above for photos of the interactive game that is available for download now!

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