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Common is rumored to be dealing with some money issues and now, his Chi-Town apartment might be under foreclosure!

VIDEO: Common: “Tupac’s Hologram Is Keeping His Spirit Alive”

According to TMZ, some legal documents show that the legendary rapper purchased a mortgage on the house in 2008 with his manager.

Apparently the documents also show that they stopped paying the $2,285/month they owed in March of 2012.

Bank of America, whom they purchased the mortgage through, wants to file a foreclosure on the apartment and sell it in order to get back the money they owe.

DETAILS: Common: “Tupac’s Hologram Is Keeping His Spirit Alive”

It seems like the whole “Mo’ money, Mo’ problems” motto doesn’t always apply.

We hope that Common can come back from the foreclosure and get his money straight!