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There’s a story on SB Nation about one man’s encounter with LeBron James during a shootaround in Portland, where said guy witnessed some teenager walk up to LeBron James…and grab his ass, complete with “a little more cupping action than usual.” The author of the piece, Ben from Blazer’s Edge, decided that James’ ensuing freak-out was unbecoming of a professional athlete. Picking up Ben’s rant mid-stream here:

James continued his chest-puffing diatribe, occasionally looking back at the group of teenagers. The young men were pretending to gaze out in a different direction, pretending to be invisible. While James’s teammates assured him that the kid surely didn’t mean any harm and that he was probably just wishing the player well, James continued to shake his head, failing to comprehend that someone he didn’t know, someone outside his circle, someone so clearly unimportant, would have the gall to touch him. Him.