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Hollywood has a heart. 

After the shooting in Aurora, where 12 people were murdered during a showing of The Dark Knight Rises, the team behind the film Gangster Squad, starring Ryan Gosling, decided to push back their movie in order to do a few reshoots and edit out a few overly violent scenes.

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Variety Magazine reports that Warner Bros pushed the movie back from September 7th to January 11th to reshoot. 

The move, announced Wednesday evening, gives the studio more time to reconceive and reshoot a pivotal setpiece in which thugs spray machine-gun fire into a crowded movie theater from behind the screen.

The delay for “Gangster Squad” comes five days after a gunman’s rampage at a “The Dark Knight Rises” screening in Aurora, Colo. At that point, the studio pulled trailers — which prominently featured the scene — from exhibs and online.

While there have been mixed feelings about this, Step Up Revolution decided not to delay their movie, which opens this Friday. In the dance flick, one scene shows dancers burst into a room wearing gas masks and body vests, and threaten to throw gas grenades.

Do you think this is the right call, or is this a case of overreacting?