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When the Williams sisters step onto the court, it’s more than just their tennis skills that catch our attention.

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Always rocking cute and sporty tennis ensembles, the champion duo consistently leaves their fans wondering how they can pull off the athletic, yet super fashionable look, and now Venus Williams has offered up a solution.

The three-time Olympic gold medalist just revealed more images from her sportswear line, EleVen, that is sure to have both men and women looking fun, stylish and athletic.

Ranging from cute and sporty skirts for women, to comfortable sweat suits for men, Venus’ new collection is definitely an extension of her on-court style.

“Strong, simple and iconic are the words I kept in mind when I designed this collection,” said the 32-year-old tennis star. “I wanted to have fun and go crazy. It was an extension of what I was wearing on the court.”

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Check the gallery above for a look at some of the stylish pieces from Venus’ line EleVen.