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Capone has been the self-proclaimed Gangster of Comedy for quite some time, and now that his gig hosting the Apollo has reached its end, the comedian makes it clear that he is not letting up on his title. 

VIDEO: Capone on “Russell Simmons Presents The Ruckus.”

Famed for his spot-on portrayals of just about every race, Capone is known by many as one of the funniest comedians in the world. 

The Bronx native made his way on the scene back in 1992, and since then, has garnered the attention of not only Russell Simmons, but Magic Johnson and a plethora of hip-hop heavy hitters. 

EXCLUSIVE: Capone: Leopard Print Drawers & Kevin Hart … That Happened!

GlobalGrind had the opportunity to catch up with Capone to talk about what comedy means to him, his plans for the future and how it feels to surrender the Apollo stage. 

Check out the exclusive interview with Capone in the video above.