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August Alsina lets us know how it can feel to be “the other man” in his new video “Sucka.”

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The soulful R&B singer is a 19-year-old New Orleans native who has a beautiful voice and a face to match! Lloyd joins him on the Sound M.O.B.-produced cut.

The video, which was directed by Artemus Jenkins, takes us through a complicated situation August is in with a girl he’s involved with.

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Let’s just say, the pretty woman’s main dude tries to get at him with the classic ‘blocked number’ technique.

On the chorus, August lets us know why he is anti-love:

“Love is for suckas/ that’s why I don’t need it/When she say she love you/She’ll make you believe it”

Roscoe Dash also makes an appearance.

Watch “Sucka” and keep an eye out for August Alsina!