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Dear Jonesboro Police Department,

We are deeply concerned about the details surrounding the death of Chavis Carter. As your own police chief, Michael Yates, said last night, his apparent suicide “defies logic” and in his words was “bizarre.” There are many unanswered questions that we demand answers for, as we are having a very, very difficult time believing that this was truly a suicide. If in fact it was a suicide, there are still many questions that need answers as well. We urge our readers to remain calm and peaceful, while at the same time we urge your police department to be transparent and swift with your actions. Here are the questions:

1. Where is Chavis’ gun? What kind of gun was used? Why haven’t images of the gun been released to corroborate the story? Was a bullet recovered?

2. How could someone that is handcuffed in a police vehicle shoot himself in the head?

3. Did the bullet go through his right temple, as reported by his mother? Pending a ballistics report, is there any gun powder residue on the hands of Chavis Carter?

4. Why are the officers on administrative leave so soon after the shooting if they are innocent?

5. Why did you redact two of the officers narratives of what happened on Saturday night on the police report?

6. How did the officers miss a handgun (if in fact he actually had one) after patting down Chavis Carter twice?

7. Why did the Police Chief say that there are two witnesses who witnessed everything from the beginning to the end, when according to your police report, the two witnesses left the scene before the officers realized that Chavis was shot in the head?

8. When will you release the video footage from the car?

9. Who is investigating the case, will an internal investigation be conducted or an independent one?

10. When the autopsy is finished, will it be released to show the range at which the gun was fired?
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