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As the election looms, President Barack Obama is gearing up for a political battle as he tries to keep his address at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

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With record voter turnouts in 2008, especially from black people, the Prez has been heavily criticized that he hasn’t done enough for the black community. 

To answer some of these criticisms, Obama sat down with Black Enterprise magazine in an exclusive interview and made a strong point: he is not the President of Black America.

As reported by Black Enterprise:

How do you respond to criticism that your administration hasn’t done enough to support black businesses?

My general view has been consistent throughout, which is that I want all businesses to succeed. I want all Americans to have opportunity.

I’m not the president of black America.

I’m the president of the United States of America, but the programs that we have put in place have been directed at those folks who are least able to get financing through conventional means, who have been in the past locked out of opportunities that were available to everybody. So, I’ll put my track record up against anybody in terms of us putting in place broad-based programs that ultimately had a huge benefit for African American businesses.

And he’s right, the President governs for all and not one. Do you agree with the President, or do you think he should be doing a little more for black America?

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