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Rumor has it Kristen Stewart has been cut from the sequel to Snow White and the Huntsman

Although writers already had plans to focus on Chris Hemsworth‘s role as the Huntsman prior to the scandal, timing just doesn’t work in Kristen’s favor – and neither does the fact that KStew had an affair with the married director of the film, Rupert Sanders. 

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According to The Hollywood Reporter, Universal “decided to shelf its planned Snow White and the Huntsman sequel.”

The media outlet continued:

“Kristen Stewart will not be invited to return if the follow-up goes forward.”

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As of now, the actress’ removal has yet to be confirmed, but an insider tells Gossip Cop that Stewart “hasn’t been dropped,” saying the THR story is “inaccurate.”

The source added, “there isn’t a script,” making it impossible to know which characters will star in the sequel.

Do you think the 22-year-old actress will be cut and if so, how much will it have to do with her personal life? 

SOURCE: Gossip Cop