George Zimmerman is finally going away, well at least on Facebook. His legal defense team announced that they are shutting down the GZLegalCase Facebook page, saying they were “providing diminishing returns.”

STORY: Zimmerman’s Lawyers To Appear At Subpoena Hearing This Friday 

As reported by GZLegal Case:

Today we are inactivating the George Zimmerman Legal Case page on Facebook. We established the page in late April as a companion to the website and @gzlegalcase Twitter account.

On April 28, we published an article called “Why Social Media for George Zimmerman,” where we established seven goals for our digital media presence. 

While Facebook helped meet most of these goals during the first three months of its activation, it has been providing diminishing returns since and has increasingly become a concern to us.

Zimmerman’s defense team applauds Facebook with discrediting and eliminating fraudulent sites and profiles, while providing a forum to discuss the case. However Zimmerman’s defense team also says that FB didn’t discourage speculation when it came to Zimmerman’s guilt or innocence.


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