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Why would anyone want to rob the home of LL Cool Jhave you seen the pecs on that guy?

STORY: Mama Said Knock You Out! LL Cool J Stops Robber In His Home

If you haven’t heard, in the early morning hours of Wednesday, an intruder entered LL’s L.A. home in an attempt to rob the hip-hop legend. 

While in bed, LL heard the commotion, went downstairs and physically beat the dude down himself and held him until the police arrived.

The failed robbery attempted at LL Cool J’s house is only one of several scary incidents involving celebrities.

Take a look at a few other botched robberies…

He stars in the #1 movie in America, The Expendables 2, but back in 2009 while shooting a film, Dolph Lundgren’s family was held captive by a group of intruders in black hoods that invaded his home in Spain.

Lundgren told the DailyBeast that when his oldest daughter screamed, “If my dad was here, this would be different,” the men looked at a family photograph and realized whose home they were looting, gave some of the jewelry back to Lundgren’s wife, and left.

This dude, Kariem McFarlin, was busted after robbing the late Steve Jobs’ home, stealing his Apple computers and wallet. He was arrested after he used the computer to go on the internet. He also took an iPad, which he sold to a clown who performs at children’s parties.

Back in 2005, Harlem rapper Cam’ron was shot in an attempted robbery while sitting in his Lamborghini near Howard University in DC. Cam was shot three times, but the robbers didn’t get anything as he sped off to the hospital.

Vivek Shah, a 25-year-old West Hollywood resident, was busted by federal authorities on August 10th in an extortion scheme. He threatened to kill members of movie producer Harvey Weinstein’s family unless the Hollywood titan wired millions to an offshore bank account.

Honorable mention: Margaret Jackson, 73, of Houston, TX is definitely our hero. She stopped her daughter’s house from being robbed after she saw a young man trying to break in through the back door. Margaret grabbed a BBQ knife and went after him, scaring the youngin’ away. 

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