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Missouri Congressman Todd Akin addressed the media today and announced that he will stay in the Missouri Senate race.

STORY: Boo Hoo! Todd “Legitimate Rape” Akin Releases Apology Ad

Many were speculating that Akin was going to step down from his highly contested bid for the Senate. Akin told reporters: 

“We are going to be here throughout the November election and we are here to win.”

Akin has faced calls to quit from many high ranking Republicans following comments he made in an interview aired Sunday by St. Louis television station KTVI.

As reported by Politico:

A source close to Akin said the congressman felt boosted by support from former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee and conservative leaders he met with at a Council for National Policy conference in Tampa, Florida earlier in the week.

Akin said he’s also encouraged by his fundraising since the controversy erupted over his “legitimate rape” remarks.

CNN reported Akin had raised $206,000 since he made the “legitimate rape” comment last Sunday. In an email to supporters Friday, he said he wanted to raise $212,000 by midnight.

Earlier in the day Akin tweeted: “It’s working! Let’s keep the momentum going!” Practically every national Republican has called for Akin to get out of the Senate race, fearing he will lose to incumbent Democrat Claire McCaskill.

McCaskill is seen as having one of the most vulnerable seats in the Senate.

Last week Akin said that women’s bodies are sometimes able to prevent pregnancies after what he called “a legitimate rape.”

One thing’s for sure, no one can say Akin is a quitter.