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Seriously America, why can’t we just let President Obama do his thang? 

Every single move the Head of State makes is overly scrutinized, and that may be OK when it comes to micro-scoping his ability to lead the country, but is it OK to bash the President for wanting to appear in a magazine? 

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Yesterday it was announced that President Obama would be appearing in an interview for Glamour Magazine, an interview that took Glamour‘s Washington editor Linda Kramer Jenning almost five whole months to solidify. Instead of considering the appeal this feature would have to female voters, Obama is being bashed for focusing on “fluff” when the country is not in a time of peace. 

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This, however, is not the first time that a US president has been featured in the glossy woman’s mag’s pages.

George W. Bush sat down for the same interview with Glamour back in January 2008, when we weren’t exactly at a time of peace (remember the war and sky-high gas prices?)

According to WWD, “the logic goes the President has more important issues to attend to than sit down with a fashion magazine.” 

This just seems like a clever way for Obama to reach all of his voters, including those who read glossy mags. No word on when the issue is set to hit the stands.