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Although we haven’t seen much from Chloe Sevigny lately, the actress/designer still manages to stay in the public eye. The month of September finds her on the cover of XOXO The Mag with a new light auburn pixie cut and an interesting burgundy leather skirt and sweater combination.

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This season, Chloe will be featured in the new season for FX’s hit show American Horror Story, as well as a transgendered hit-woman in the TV series Hit & Miss. Like her style, Chloe’s characters always seem to be changing. 

Flip to the inside of the magazine and you’ll see that Chloe actually has one side of her head shaved and plays with her ever-evolving and multifaceted style in each photo. 

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Have a look at all of the amazing shots by Casey Spooner for XOXO The Mag’s September 2012 issue featuring the always interesting Chloe Sevigny. You won’t be disappointed.