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This has to be one of the most provocative lingerie ads we’ve ever seen, but there are no big name models and no exposed lady parts to be had. 

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Photographer Natasha Ygel got artsy when she decided to up the ante on just how far she could take the sexy on a lingerie shoot for Jane Pain, a high-end brand of Spanish lingerie, bathing suits and accessories.

Through the overlapping of images and the help of a little photoshop, the models were stripped entirely of their lady parts and yes, the flooring was hardwood.

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Natasha’s playful aesthetic transformed a run of the mill shoot into a visual mind-f*ck with a witty headline that reads, “What you can’t see is all you want to see.”

The campaign won the 2012 Lapiz de Oro, Argentina’s highest advertising prize, as well as the Gran Prix de Bronce Clarín, and it clearly had us doing a double take. 

What do you think of the shoot? Fun optical illusion, or is it a scary doll-like spread – no pun intended?