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A 21-year-old homeless man in Ocala, Florida has been sentenced to 180 days in prison for stealing $2 worth of candy.

According to, the man, named Delvis Rodriguez-Ramos pleaded guilty this week to stealing a Twix and Snickers bar from a local store in the small town.

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The man stole the candy items last weekend but came back two days later to confess that he stole them.

The store owner asked him to come back and discuss the matter Tuesday, which is when the police were called and the homeless man was taken into custody.

The site reports:

The employee asked him to come back Tuesday to talk about it. When Rodriguez-Ramos showed up, the employee called police.

Rodriguez-Ramos said he had not eaten in a few days and was hungry.

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He received high jail time since he was already on probation, as well as a fine of $500.

Do you believe that 180 days of jailtime a fair sentence?