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Tommy Hilfiger has long claimed Ralph Lauren as his greatest inspiration. Some of his critics have compared Tommy to Ralph in the past, with the comparisons not always being favorable. After seeing Tommy’s show yesterday, I realized this was my chance to give him more of the credit he deserves.

After seeing his womenswear show, I was left speechless. He was more than true to form, he delivered; showing true classic American flava, yet he remained uniquely Tommy. Tommy has always had a keen eye for women’s classic American fashion, but seeing it walk the runway, it spoke louder than ever. It was clear that no merchandiser, buyer or critic has ever distorted his vision.

THIS was the Tommy I have known and loved.  

I have seen at least twenty-five of his shows. I have seen him create hit after hit, yet yesterday’s show remained even more creative and innovative, while staying within the margins of what people are buying. It pushed every boundary, yet delivered the ball right over the plate. Congratulations to my longtime mentor and friend!

~Russell Simmons

Tommy Hilfiger Spring 2013 Womenswear Show

Tommy Hilfiger Spring 2013 Menswear Show

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