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Terry Richardson and Lady Gaga are known for their outlandish creativity and their no holds barred approach when it comes to expressing their ideas. 

Independently, they are both so out of this world that it almost makes them inhumane, but when tragedy strikes, even the strangest of celebs know how to come back down to earth. 

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Following the passing of Terry Richardson’s mother, he posted a bevy of photos on his blog, documenting the outreach he received from friends and clients alike, ranging from candy baskets to floral arrangements. But the most meaningful of the memorandums of his late mother came from Lady Gaga. 

The pop star shaved the back of her head to make room for a cherub tattoo in commemoration of Terry’s mother.

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Gaga was tattooed in front of her fans at the launch for her perfume, Fame, in Macy’s last week, but not without the process being photographed by a mourning Terry. 

Check out the tattoo process from the lens of Terry in the gallery above.

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