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Two Kanye West sex tapes are floating around in the hands of an ambitious tech pirate, who is bent on selling the sexual escapades of the G.O.O.D. Music leader to the highest bidder. 

DETAILS: A Second Kanye West Sex Tape Being Shown & Shopped

Radar Online painted a vivid picture of a frantic Yeezy on the verge of tears when he heard news that his tape could surface at any moment. Since then, a screen shot of a pre-sexy times ‘Ye has been taken down, thus confirming that the person on the sex tape is indeed Yeezy, and he’s damn sure worried about the tape being leaked. Way the confirm things ‘Ye! 

Needless to say, once the pig is out the barn, it’s pretty damn hard to put it back inside, making us believe that ‘Ye’s sex tape with the Kim Kardashian look-alike will indeed see the light of day.

DETAILS: Kanye’s Team Speak Out On The Sex Tape

We have our reasons, well, actually we have 5 reasons why we’ll see Yeezy’s tape. So check them out below. 


Think of the Kanye West sex tape like a captain at sea when the ship is sinking. While the captain does everything in his power to save the ship, send press releases and throw a hissy fit or start a bucket brigade, there comes a time when sinking is inevitable. There comes a time when the captain must abandon ship.

Well, Yeezy’s sex tape is quickly reaching that level. The footage is outside of his collection, and not only in that folder marked inconspicuously on his desktop. So even if Yeezy blocks the culprit from selling the footage, nothing is stopping them from simply putting it online for the whole world to see. 


Kanye West is still in a relationship with Kim Kardashian, whose mother is none other than the Notorious K.R.I.S., Kris Jenner. This is the woman who allegedly brokered her own daughter’s sex tape deal, making her and the family super famous. While I have no reason to believe she would ever hesitate pimping out Kanye West for her 10 percent, she has 3 vital things that will come in handy for Yeezy and his sex tape issues: Connection with the porn companies, experience brokering porn deals, and experience turning a sex tape into a great career-building tool. 


While Radar did claim that Yeezy was near tears, he probably has no reason to be upset about his sex tape leaking at all. Mainly because it’s getting nothing but rave reviews. Radar described Yeezy’s first sex tape by writing that the girl in the tape has bodacious curves, dusky skin and long black hair, while being a dead ringer for Kim Kardashian. Then they boasted that Yeezy put her in multiple positions. Heck, that’s better than some of the real adult flicks that get produced by Vivid.

TMZ reports that the second tape is both impressively long and filled with constant action. They even write in amazement, “Seriously, the guy takes no breaks. It’s incredible.” If they weren’t trying to sell it, then the language would be more like, ‘He stuck it in, the end.’ Pause. 


Kanye West has an hour worth of sex tape footage. Dump in some more b-roll, and clips from his music videos, and we’re talking a found footage best seller. Think Paranormal Activity, but the sex tape version. Plus isn’t this how celebrity sex tapes come out these days? One celeb sends a cease and desist letter to a website and a few months later, we’re reading about them getting a multi-million dollar contract to release said sex tape. It’s all part of the plan. 


Why do you think Kanye West sex tape will or will not come out? Let us know in the comment section below.  

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