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No bueno! Reality star Natalie Nunn reportedly lost her sex tape and is being blackmailed by a leaked screen shot floating around the internet. 

The Bad Girls Club star filmed the steamy sex she was having with her husband, Jacob Payne, and now four months into their marriage they are faced with having their private lives exposed. 

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A friend tells Radar Online:

“Someone stole Natalie’s iPad and found the personal sex tapes she and her husband had made, and now she is receiving threats!” A friend of Nunn’s exclusively tells

“They were in New York doing promos for Bridezillas and at first she thought her iPad was taken directly out of her hotel room, but then realized she had left it on the subway.”

While you might think the usually open Natalie wouldn’t give a damn about a sex tape, her new husband wants no part of having his man parts displayed on the internet.

“He is an athlete and not a Hollywood guy and wants nothing to do with being exposed,” says the pal.

The source goes on to add that once this guy threatened Natalie for money, she realized this person was no joke. 

“At first Natalie thought it was a hoax but then they sent a screen shot showing her and Jacob butt naked having sex, so she immediately called her lawyer.”

Let’s hope Natalie can work this one out!

SOURCE: RadarOnline