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The premiere of Samuel L. Jackson’s “Wake The F— Up” pro-Obama campaign ad has finally arrived – and it’s all that we expected, plus more!

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The four-minute campaign ad, sponsored by the Jewish Council for Research and Education, centers on a middle class family’s apathy toward the upcoming presidential election. Caught up in their own lives, the family lost the drive they once had to get Barack Obama elected in 2008. However, that’s where actor Samuel L. Jackson comes into play. At the least opportune time, Jackson reminds the family why they need to “wake the f— up!”

The ad is shot in a story-time fashion and is a play off Jackson’s Go the F— to Sleep adult bedtime story video, which went viral in 2011.

From grandparents about to get it on, to a teenage slumber party, Jackson reminds the families in these awkwardly hilarious scenarios how a Romney-run country would look. He told the elderly couple to put their intentions aside because:

“Your lives will be affected. Romney and Ryan will gut Medicare if they’re elected. Ask the fact checkers. Those two are fact duckers . . . SAY HELL NO, MOTHERF—ERS!”

To a group of teen girls, Jackson yells:

“A vote for Romney is a vote to have Planned Parenthood cut. Listen to your little sister. WAKE THE F— UP!”

This LOL comedy is dope, because it not only spotlights a message about the future of our country, but it’s delivered in a way that only Sam Jackson can do.

Who else could get away with telling Americans to “wake the f— up” and vote for Obama?

SOURCE: New York Post

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