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Cali rapper Lil B has to be the oddest rapper in hip-hop, and after his recent announcement that he’s going to try out for a spot on professional NBA team the Golden State Warriors, we had to bring you Lil B’s most shocking moments. 

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Lil B has pushed the boundaries with homophobia in hip-hop and he’s made a few grandiose declarations, like “hoes on my dick cause I look like Jesus” and “I’m a pretty bitch,” all of which are grossly outrageous. 

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From titling his debut album, I’m Gay, to getting sucker punched in the face live on camera, Lil B has had some pretty shocking moments over the past few years.

GlobalGrind decided it would be a great idea to remind you how weird and crazy the Based God really is, so check out Lil B’s most shocking moments below!

10. In April 2012, Lil B gets invited to give a speech at New York University and actually gives a pretty decent lecture. 

9. Lil B releases a classical album titled Choices & Flowers

8. Lil B decides to rock long dangly earrings.

7. Lil B declares he “looks like Jesus” and makes a whole song about it. 

6. Lil B begins to refer to himself as a “pretty bitch.” 

5. Lil B puts a “BasedGodCurse” on Oklahoma City Thunder’s star player Kevin Durant for saying “Lil B is a wack rapper.” 

4. Lil B wears a woman’s dress and a grandma church hat in his “I Eat Ass” video.


3. Lil B drops the “I Got AIDS” song to spread HIV/AIDS Awareness and to urge young people to get tested.


2. Lil B announces I’m Gay album.

1. Lil B gets punched in the face.