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It’s time for Rick Ross to grow up and act like a responsible adult. 

Ross is a leader, a bawse, and a great musician who makes incredible music. But yet again, Maybach Music Group is involved in another hip-hop beef that overshadows everything they do on wax.

A History! Where Did Rick Ross and Young Jeezy Relationship Go Wrong

Over the weekend, the MMG crew and Young Jeezy got into a shoving match. Shortly after that, MMG member Gunplay was allegedly jumped by G-Unit, pepper sprayed and ended up running into 2 Chainz’s trailer, temporarily blind and missing his iced out chain. Excuse my French but, the rich n*gga shit has to stop.

Let’s not forget MMG’s previous public fights. There was Meek Mill’s alleged involvement in the Drake, Chris Brown club fight, the Bawse’s altercation with Kreayshawn at the MTV Awards, and his infamous punching of DJ Vlad, which cost him 300K. 

So how do we move forward? How do we stop fighting one another and stop putting a black eye on the thing we all love: hip-hop? 

AUDIO: Gunplay Talks About The Fight At The BET Awards

It’s not like the music we love has been beef-free. Contrary to popular belief, beef dates back to the very beginning of our beloved art form. From Mc Shan vs. Krs 1, to Turbo and Ozone vs. Electro Rock! But we settled our differences creatively. People lived to make more money another day.

Now people are so scared of being ended lyrically, that they don’t battle. But they will battle with fists, guns, and knives. 

Lil Jojo, Stack Bundles, Slim Dunkin, Big L, Magnolia Shawty, Tupac, Biggie and more. All of these artists lost to senseless street violence. We still have not learned our lesson. 

It’s time to grow up. Previous employment aside. Both Jeezy and Rick Ross are real! I don’t doubt that both of them are tough guys. I don’t doubt that they and their crews deserve and demand respect, but can’t they be rational? 

Is who really did what in the streets worth not making another million dollars? Is it not worth smoking all the weed you can with the most beautiful women inside a mansion that you paid for?

Let’s face it, none of these rappers are broke anymore. 

The music doesn’t need this, our children don’t need this, fans don’t need this. 

Sure, we like to listen to thug tales of flipping bricks, popping molly and tossing racks on racks in the club, but most of us are smart enough to know that these rappers are just putting on for their cities. 

So I challenge all rappers to man up! If you don’t like someone for any reason, don’t fight them. Don’t shoot them. Don’t pay, order or direct your thug friends from the hood to shove another rapper backstage at an awards show. 

Simply go inside the booth and make a song better than anything we’ve ever heard before. There is nothing wrong with living to see another day, because hip-hop doesn’t need another funeral. 

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