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I grew up in an all white town. Except for one street. The street I lived on. My next door neighbors were black. Next to them was another black family. And beside them was a Jamaican family. Across the street lived the Venezuelans. And down the block lived the Mexican family. The other end of the block was another black family. This was my block. This was my neighborhood. This was my America.

America the beautiful. America where a young white kid growing up in a suburb of New York City could fall in love with the sounds of Biggie Smalls AND the Dave Matthews Band. America that painfully struggled during my lifetime through the Crown Heights Riots, the Rodney King Riots, Jena 6 and Hurricane Katrina. America that gave birth to a cultural revolution called hip-hop that would connect the world with Biggie and Tupac, Hov and Beyonce. America that would one day elect its first black President. Barack Obama. Oh, America the beautiful.

Yet how quickly we can see our beauty fade to black. The black album. 99 problems. Problems with white guys trying to take us back. Take us back to an America that wasn’t so beautiful. You ever wonder, when white people say they want to take America back, what era exactly would they want to go back to? Slavery? Jim Crow? Women’s Suffrage? Civil Rights Movement? I digress. But, a good question to ponder. My generation is not looking back, we are moving forward. And we are certainly moving past the race baiting tactics of conservative hero, Matt Drudge, who wants America to believe that he released an “explosive” video that is going to expose Barack Obama as a racist.

Splashed across his website was a link to a 2007 video of then Senator Barack Obama giving a speech at Hampton University in front of the nation’s top black clergy. In this speech, Senator Obama speaks of the plight of poor America. After “Money” Mitt’s damaging 47 percent video (which was seen 2.5 million times more on YouTube than Romney’s convention speech), conservatives having been digging in the crates looking for anything that might stick against the wall. Drudge tries to play this one off as if this video has never been seen before. But Drudge, we’ve seen this video. FIVE YEARS AGO! You already tried this trick. You already tried to play this card. You already doubled down on your white man losing power bullshit rap.

This is your last, sad attempt to kick and scream and try to grab onto an America that is passing you by. An America that is proud to have elected a black President. An America that is yearning to be post-racial. An aspiration. Knowing we are not there yet, we certainly will not be impeded by you and your Fox News comrades who want to peddle racist propaganda to any angry white person who you are leading to believe that they need to take America back. Just because your man, “Money” Mitt Romney has run one of the worst presidential campaigns in history, don’t try to burn our house down. We didn’t start this fire, but we will certainly put it out quicker than you can brainwash another white person to hate black America. For your hate is at its last dance, and slowly the music will fade to black.

As a white man, a privileged white man just like you, I will stand up to your nonsense, and continue to promote an inclusive, compassionate nation. For we are not a divided states of America, we are the United States of America. We are America, the beautiful.

~Michael Skolnik 

Michael Skolnik is the Editor-In-Chief of and the political director to Russell Simmons. Prior to this, Michael was an award-winning filmmaker. Follow him on twitter @MichaelSkolnik

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